Month: June 2011

The Happy Dance

Co-producer and foe of spiders Paige looked in yesterday upon a couple of rehearsals. What she discovered there shocked her, tantalized her, and may have left a positive and permanent imprint upon her soul. What happened next was an event rarely seen: the Almighty Paige Happy Dance. Elusive as the giant squid, this dance has yet to be captured on film, yet encounters with it have suggested that the joy of the moment is infectious and may lead to further dancing. The CDC is currently consulting how the spread of this joy occurs. It would appear that one possible way of attaining Happy Dance level joy is seeing the Summer Shorts Extravaganza!

The Summer Shorts Extravaganza has Women with Swords!  Watch and see!  This is from Le Belle Dame by Paige Steadman featuring Tia Bittner & Jame Nolah Ingham!

The Return of the Couch

The Academy Theatre is proud to state that it’s esteemed and valuable partner, The Couch, will be joining the cast of the Summer Shorts Extravaganza. Used to providing strong support to the people of the Theatre, one intern has been quoted as “having an incredibly comfortable relationship with the couch, both professionally and sleepily”. Described by our artistic director as one of the greatest method actors in the world, it would be a shame to miss Couch once again tackle the complex and emotional role of supporting its fellow cast members. Come and see this brilliant performance July 9-11!

We’re Rolling!

Auditions are done, Directors have been chosen and we’re moving forward on producing the ‘Summer Shorts Extravaganza!’ 

We’ve just added Alfredo Rosa of Love Self First as our final director!

The show runs July 9,10, & 11!  

More info here!