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Divided Among Themselves is Coming & It’s Coming Along

‘Divided Among Themselves’ is a play we’re developing with local Playwright Hank Kimmel.  The show is about 4 Sisters who must divided their father’s estate in one hour and how that effects their family dynamics.

Auditions are scheduled, we have some actors coming, Hank is making edits.

The show is really a cool show. 

It first appeared on the Academy’s doorstep through Working Title Playwrights and the fabulous Jill Patrick.  The show has evolved since then, but it could really be the kind of show in which, as long as the actors say all their lines in the right order (and you’d be surprised at how often this does not happen), it will be great! 

The characters are great!  The eldest is Clark, a successful real estate developer who has seen most of her fortune disappear in a middle east land deal.  The main character is Samantha, a rabbi who strives to heal the world, but has material concerns.  Next is Johnna, a tennis pro with money and other problems.

Finally there is Alex, who has left New York all together for a less material and more spiritual life in the hinterlands. 

They all re-unite to solve their father’s estate: the apartment (rent controlled), the doll house, the money, the Grandfather clock to haunted their lives.  If they don’t solve it, all the money reverts to a Union attorney. 

It’s just a really cool concept with great characters and dialogue! 

The show runs the last two weekends in September and the first two weekends in October.  Stay tuned for more details!

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