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Dear Vandals, You’re Just Annoying

Dear Person or People who thought it would be fun to decapitate our solar powered porch lights:

Congratulations. You got our attention. While, in the scheme of things, it’s annoying and no more, the big question is why? You chose only to damage the solar powered lights and left all the easy to steal minilights that take power where they were.

Do you work for a utility company?  Are you a vampire who finds benefiting from the sun?  Do you hate silicon? 

Yep.  We’ll keep finding solar torches and putting them up.  We like light on our porh so people don’t fall.  We like using natural resources to pay for it.

Since you obviously like breaking things, why not help us strike our sets?  We could always use volunteers.  Or join PCW and let them train you do destroy with style and flair.  You’ll be happier and people can see! 

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