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Casting A Wide Net

Any Theatre needs lots of help. 

We need interns, we need volunteers, we need casts, we need, we need, we need.

In return, if we do our jobs right, we give fulfilling experiences!

Right now, we’re developing a new play with Hank Kimmel call “Divided Among Themselves”.  It’s the story of 4 sisters who have one hour to divide their father’s estate. 

We’re trying to complete our casting, though one role is in flux.  We’re trying to find sponsors for the show (this is a great opportunity for your business!) & we’re trying to get a rehearsal schedule. 

We’re also trying to cast for support for our Haunted House project, which Angelo Ritz is do ably spearheading.  We’re looking for volunteers to be part of this!  We need help building the event out and casting the performers who will be in it!

The motion is constant.  The need is constant, but we also give back. 

So many people enjoyed seeing ‘Savannah Disputation’ & ‘Story of God’.  Still we’d like a wider audience! 

Check out!  We’ve updated our website and information about all those events is upcoming!

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