Month: March 2013

The Good and Evil of Discount Tickets

Let’s talk about discount tickets.  Recently, a person posted on the event site for one of our shows that they’d wait for the $5 tickets.  They’ll be waiting a long time. 

At the Academy, our tickets are relatively inexpensive.  I cannot remember the last time we had a ticket over $30.  Most Atlanta theaters have ticket prices from $25 to $35.

Producing theater costs money.  Our monthly utility bills cost between $1500 and $3000 a month depending on how many rehearsals we have and the temperature.    That’s not total production costs, that’s just utilities.

We need people to pay money so we can be here.  Yes.  We use discount ticket services.  Most of our on line tickets through are discounted off the door. 

We also use the Atlantix service, which while they have higher fees, let us sell tickets at half the price of the door price.  Their proceeds also go to help the arts community get stronger. 

Lastly we use one other service, however, they limit us to selling tickets to the lowest price they can scavage in another place.  While these sales are frosting, they’re never the cake.  If all you have is frosting, you’re not going to survive for long.  Often people get tickets for one third the door price.  We can’t afford to stay open if those are the only tickets we sell.

The next time you think about attending a show, think about the value of the show itself and not just the cheapest way to get in.  If everyone did that, you’d have fewer places to see shows… As happened in 2012, when 3 major Atlanta theaters closed.