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This weekend, we’re hosting The Process Theatre & OnStage Atlanta’s production of ‘Designing Women Live!’.  People seem surprised by this. 

Here then are the Top 10 Reasons why we’re doing it!

10. We could not afford Ru Paul’s Dance Party Extravaganza!

9. They asked nicely

8. Because it’s a chance to have Amanda Cucher, Jo Howarth, and other Academy favorites back in our space

7. Because we know what it’s like to try to work with DeKalb County only to have the folks there update the changes they need pretty late in the process.

6. We’re excited about bringing the finest in Male Actresses to Avondale Estates.

5. Spencer Stephens is in the show, which gives our Center for Puppetry Arts friends another opportunity to come hang out!

4. Stuart Schleuse is in the show, and at some point, we’re hoping he’ll sing, which we all really want to hear!

3. 6 Shows will let us sell a lot of Chai… if you know what we mean…

2. Topher, TOpher, TOPHER!

1. Because if OnStage goes down, the entire theater community suffers. Be it the Academy, the Process, or theater fans everywhere, no OnStage means less work for actors, writers, and fewer fun affordable shows for you to see! 

Now if you don’t want to drag yourself out to the Academy this weekend, you can make a donation to OnStage by clicking here or to the Academy by clicking here!

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