Audition – Impact Theatre Atlanta
Impact Theatre Atlanta in association with The Academy Theatre is holding non-union auditions for its next production,
THE REROOTING by Betty Chaney
Email to make an appointment
Please see audition information below.
Audition Date: Wednesday, May 29
Audition Times: 4:00 – 7:00pm
Contract: Stipend offered
Rehearsal Dates: June 29 – August 1
Show Opens: Friday, August 2
Show Closes: Sunday, August 18
Performances are Thursdays – Saturdays (8pm) Sundays(3pm) with an additional 3pm Saturday matinee
Auditions are being held at the Academy Theatre located at 559 N. Central Ave, Hapeville, GA  30354
Actors to play the following:

JEFFREY LEE, 37, dark and arrogant, male
OBA, 32, dapper, sophisticated, “high yellow”, male
CHRISTY, 30, Oba’s sister but looks white, probably best played by white, female
RAYE, Oba’s 80 year-old great grandmother, female
ALY, 35, dark, loud and boisterous, female
RABBIT, Aly’s 11 year-old son, “high yellow”, male

Brewing up a storm is common in Mississippi. In The ReRooting: The Culmination of The Rooting Place Saga by Betty Chaney, one such storm erupts creating a disaster of epic proportions for Jeffrey Lee.  Unknown to the rest of the family, he needs to flee the farm Oba’s great, great grandmother Mama Ida had willed to him. He waits for Oba to make it home for Christmas. Oba is coming from Washington, D.C. after working in Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2016 where he expected a post in the White House had she won. Before he can arrive,however, a boisterous young woman and her son barrel their way upon the landscape at the Bed and Breakfast Raye now operates in Mama Ida’s old house. Is it by chance that Aly and her son have come here to visit? And is it by chance that her son turns up missing during a tornado watch a few days later,or is Jeffrey Lee “anointing” him as he did Oba when he was a young boy.  It may take one final confrontation between Oba and Jeffrey Lee to finally tide the storm that rages.
· If we are not familiar with your work, please prepare a 1-minute monologue
· Sides will be provided at the audition
· Be prepared to improvise and cold read if asked to do so.
· Please bring a resume & head shot, stapled together.