Another Theatre Shudders Its Doors Today.

The Ansley Park Playhouse is closing.  They are ending their run with Peachtree Battle, the show that started it all, and will be gone.  Several folks who you’ve seen in our main stage work, senior ensemble, and improv troupes have had parts in that show.  Now they won’t have a weekly gig, and Atlanta audiences will have one theatre which they can attend. 

If you don’t think this matters, look at the impact on the square in Marietta which the Theatre in the Square closing and Lyric moving.  It’s much easier to get a parking space or a restaurant reservation. 

We’re moving toward our southside destinationsm and will be helping to fill a need down there, but losing another theater in the central core is scary.  

Bon Voyage Ansley Playhouse!  Much success to John and everyone associated with Peachtree Battle.   

Our Last Shows Are Upon Us

We’re producing two more shows at the Academy and they’re both improv.  We’re going to miss our space and the people around it.  Tonight we’re doing BattleActs, which features 8 educators who will improvise to be the Champion.  Next Friday, Collective 51 performs. 

We need your help.  We need office space, storage space, and performance space.  If you know of some, call us at 404-474-8332.

In the mean time, buy tickets here.