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Beginning Improv for Teens
ages 14 and up
Taught by Robert Drake
Improv for Teens:  Want to learn to be a better actor and channel your funny?  Want to do better in college interviews?  Want a way to communicate better?  Improv for teens specializes in helping young people find the funny, keep it tasteful, and channel it.  If you like ‘Wild and Out’ and ‘Whose Line’ you’ll love this class where you and your fellow actors get to be the star by learning to say yes, raising the stakes, and making the funny happen!  You’ll be part of a graduation show at the end that lets you show off your talents!

Beginning Improv for Adults
Taught by Robert Drake
Improv For Adults:  Want to be a stronger actor? Want to improve your sales techniques, be funnier in conversation, get over a fear of public speaking?  Learn how to better communicate with people?  Improvisation for adults is the first step in learning the skills which will propel you to the next level of communication in your family, career, and on stage!  Learn the techniques that improvisers use to push a scene forward, react well to changes, and get laughs!  This 6 week class begins with the basics and concludes with a graduation show!

Improv Teacher Bios

Robert Drake
Robert Drake has been teaching at universities, secondary schools, and camps for 20 years.  He has taught philosophy, politics, and theater on the university level at Oglethorpe, Emory, West Georgia College, and Kennesaw State University.  He has taught at Decatur High School, DeKalb School of the Arts, and Eagles Landing High School.  He also teaches improv annually with Camp Sunshine, a camp for kids with cancer.

Paige Steadman
Paige Steadman is an actor, composer, and playwright who has been involved in theatre and music all her life. Paige spent many years working with Offshoot Productions, where she acted, stage managed, composed and musical directed, wrote plays, taught classes, built sets, and more. Her favorite musical experiences during that time were composing music for A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Tempest. For several years, Paige played at the Georgia Renaissance Festival, first as an actor, then as a musician. Last year, she interned at the Academy Theatre. There, she had the joy of accompanying magicians and radio theatre performances on the keyboard, acting in plays such as Divided Among Themselves, and having two of her own plays produced there, as well.  She is pleased to report that Onion Man Productions just produced her ten-minute play, Runaway.