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Daniel Carter Brown Speaks on Savannah Disputation!

It’s difficult to find a play about religion that treats the subject with as much honesty, fairness, and intelligence as The Savannah Disputation.  After working on it for months, I continue to have more questions than answers about this play, about its stance on faith, and about faith itself.  This, I believe, is the point.  I don’t think anyone can leave this play without questions about their own faith, or lack thereof.  I also think that people of any faith can find confirmations of their beliefs within the play.  But it’s not out of vagueness—the playwright’s “cop-out” as Mary would put it—it is, in fact, masterful playwrighting.

When intellectual thought is applied to Christian faith, many beliefs instilled in Sunday schools and youth groups must be questioned.  There are inescapable contradictions.  How can God have a detailed plan for our lives, yet be influenced by prayer?  If the Bible is the infallible Word of God, why are there mistakes?  Why did Jesus overturn some earlier teachings?  And most commonly, how can we accept both a literal interpretation of the Bible and reconcile it with scientific evidence to the contrary?  These questions lead many away from faith, and characters of this type are found all over literature.  Christians who haven’t put much thought into their faith are similarly common.  Father Murphy is a refreshing departure.  He accepts the problems with common theology, and further embraces his faith, allowing for the possibility that he’s wrong, but taking the best path he knows.

The point of this play isn’t obvious.  Is it pro-faith or anti-faith?  I could defend either.  I believe it’s more complicated.  What this play is against is faith without understanding; unfounded or unmotivated faith.  This play celebrates faith that is informed, diligent, active, and earnest.  Each character leaves with an understanding of what they must sacrifice to hold onto the faith they claim. 

I thank you for taking your valuable time to come see this performance.  I hope that you are rewarded, and that this play succeeds in making you laugh, feel, and most importantly think. 

Daniel Carter Brown

Scottish Sunday

Hello everyone! Due to a sudden desire to show solidarity for the Highlands and their culture, we have decided to make the Sunday matinee performance a Scottish Sunday! Those wearing kilts will receive one dollar off of their ticket price. Come one, come all, and most importantly, come Celtic!


Hello everyone! The matinee show on Sunday has been moved to 4:30 due to some actor scheduling conflicts. Sorry about any inconvenience that this might cause!

Academy Shorts run this Saturday through Monday! Go to to buy tickets!

This rehearsal scene features Elisabeth Cooper, Jason Von Stein, Ben Gravitt, and Emily Quartarone! 

Want to know what happens?  Be There and find out!

The Happy Dance

Co-producer and foe of spiders Paige looked in yesterday upon a couple of rehearsals. What she discovered there shocked her, tantalized her, and may have left a positive and permanent imprint upon her soul. What happened next was an event rarely seen: the Almighty Paige Happy Dance. Elusive as the giant squid, this dance has yet to be captured on film, yet encounters with it have suggested that the joy of the moment is infectious and may lead to further dancing. The CDC is currently consulting how the spread of this joy occurs. It would appear that one possible way of attaining Happy Dance level joy is seeing the Summer Shorts Extravaganza!

The Summer Shorts Extravaganza has Women with Swords!  Watch and see!  This is from Le Belle Dame by Paige Steadman featuring Tia Bittner & Jame Nolah Ingham!

The Return of the Couch

The Academy Theatre is proud to state that it’s esteemed and valuable partner, The Couch, will be joining the cast of the Summer Shorts Extravaganza. Used to providing strong support to the people of the Theatre, one intern has been quoted as “having an incredibly comfortable relationship with the couch, both professionally and sleepily”. Described by our artistic director as one of the greatest method actors in the world, it would be a shame to miss Couch once again tackle the complex and emotional role of supporting its fellow cast members. Come and see this brilliant performance July 9-11!

We’re Rolling!

Auditions are done, Directors have been chosen and we’re moving forward on producing the ‘Summer Shorts Extravaganza!’ 

We’ve just added Alfredo Rosa of Love Self First as our final director!

The show runs July 9,10, & 11!  

More info here!